Molniya, Research and Design Institut

Director – prof. Sergey Buryakovskyy.

Today Molniya employs about 200 highly qualified co-workers, among them 5 doctors of technical sciences and 10 PhDs. The scientific collaborators of the institute published 5 manuscripts, more than 1000 papers, obtained more than 500 patents and innovation authorship certificates. The scientific activity of the collaborators of institute is well- known in the USA, Germany, China, Austria, France, nipki1Canada, Australia, England, Holland and Poland.

Today Molniya is one of the biggest research-&-production and test-&-certification centers in Europe. In 2001 its experimental units were entered into the International Test Equipment Register (IEC 61000-4-32) in which these took the deserved place side-by side with the analogous units of such highly developed countries as the USA, Germany, France, etc. The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine gave to the experimental base of the research-&-proving ground NDPKI “Molniya” the status of national patrimony.

The collaborators of our institute carry out scientific activity in close cooperation with the scientists of the USA, Germany, China, France, etc. The research-&-design institute “Molniya” has close partnership relations with Los-Alamos National Laboratory (the
USA), the Higher Lion Engineering School (France), the National Aerospace Agency in China, etc.

Thnipki2e activities of the institute are successfully adapted to the contemporary realities and are carried out taking into consideration the contemporary requirements that envisage both the basic and applied research to meet the demands of Ukraine and further integration of the institute into international world community.

We are open for cooperation. Please be acquainted with our products and developments.

Institute of Ionosphere of National Academy of Science of Ukraine and Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine

Director – prof. Igor F. Domnin.

Main Scientific direction is: Earth ionosphere physical properties under natural and artificially disturbed conditions.

Sircumterrestrial spaionosfera1ce and space weather phenomena investigations are carry out by Ionospheric Sounder – high informative radiophysical ground-based facility. It include designed in Institute unique incoherent scatter radars equipped most in the world two-mirror zenith parabolic antenna 100 m diameter and fully steerable parabolic antenna 25 m diameter. The scientific equipment also includes high frequency heating facility of effective power 300 MW equipped by wide-band array aionosfera2 ntenna 300 m 300 m. The purpose of the last is artificial ionospheric disturbances investigations. There is an ionosonde at the same place. Cabinet if Ministers of Ukraine at 1991 classified the Ionospheric sounder as National property of Ukraine.

By incoherent scattering method ionospheric data covered more then three solar activity cycles are obtained. Effects of natural geospace disturbances caused by solar flares and solar eclipses as well as effects artificial ionospheric disturbances caused by spacecrafts launches and powerful HF radio wave radiation are investigated.